Anti-corruption Initiative Launched

Anti-corruption Initiative Launched

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission Secretary/CEO Mr. Halakhe Waqo CBS graced the launch of the Anti-Corruption Initiative organised by Kenya Private Sector Association (KEPSA) under the Multi-sectoral Forum. The National Multi-sectoral Forum is a platform for engagement with leaders from various sectors of the society around a unified and well-coordinated multi-sectoral approach to national development and achievement of the Vision 2030 based on a diverse and inclusive partnership model. It draws its sectoral representation from the Private sector; Religious Community; Media; Professionals; Youth; Women; Trade unions; Civil Society; Academia, Research and Development; and Diaspora.

In his remarks, Mr. Waqo expressed appreciation of the work of the multi-sectoral forum and the support to the Commission citing that one of the greatest challenge is the lack of support from the public. He reiterated that the most important person in the fight is the common individual. He further committed that the Commission will continue to carry out its mandate to fight corruption within the process and systems set out.

He reminded the participants that the greater calling of professionals is the promotion of professionalism and public good through values-driven activities. He said that EACCs focus is to ensure that public interest is safeguarded by stewards and custodians of public resources and therefore the forum and the Commission share many points at which interests intersect.

The greater expectation of the Kenyan people is to see corrupt people prosecuted. To this end, we shall discharge our responsibilities in collaboration with other actors in the justice chain to ensure speedy trial of perpetrators of corruption and economic crime, Mr. Waqo said. He further informed participants that in equal measure, the Commission will continue to invest in the preventive activities because we are firmly of the opinion that preventing corruption is better than curing it. He concluded his remarks by a reminding participants that as professionals, they are key in preventing corruption and they need to rise up to the occasion and do all that it takes to fight corruption in Kenya.

He highlighted the Commissions initiatives in the fight against corruption to include but not limited to:

  • Offering Advisory services: to County governments, and Government MDAs;
  • Systems Review: examination of systems, policies, procedures and practices of public institutions like the Judiciary, KICD, FPE Fund, NCBP, NACC, TSC, and Corruption Risk Assessment for County governments;
  • Building partnerships and coalitions against corruption by creating and maintaining an effective collaboration with the media, strengthening networks, development partners, inter-agency collaboration, collaboration with regional and international anti-corruption bodies; inter-agency information and intelligence sharing;
  • Enhancing integrity in the public service: of both the public sector
  • enhancing institutional governance and ethics through training of Integrity Assurance Officers and Corruption Prevention Committees;
  • Providing public education and creating awareness: Outreach Programmes and Regional Clinics, Schools and Education sector outreach programmes, and development, production and dissemination of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials.
  • Ethics and Leadership: Promoting standards and best practices through development of codes; enforcement of ethical requirements.
  • Undertaking research on corruption and governance related issues;
  • Investigation: Receive reports; Act on the reports and forward to the ODPP for prosecution;
  • Litigation and recovery of illegally acquired public and unexplained assets: Assets valued at over KShs. 7.8 Billion recovered through court proceedings and out of court settlements. We always hand back illegally grabbed public lands to the government.

H.E. Amb. Robert Godec US Ambassador to Kenya noted that this initiative offers welcome support to the critically important anti-corruption push underway by President Kenyatta and by other top Kenyan government officials, including the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), Director of Public Prosecutions, the Director of Criminal Investigations, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the Auditor General, and the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission. Ambassador Codec said he welcomes and commends the efforts of the private sector to address this scourge. However, he reiterated that to end corruption, end theft, and end plunder, Kenya needs a national movement and sustained war on corruption.

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